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The Beaver Hills (also known as the Cooking Lake Moraine) is located in central Alberta. It is an extensively treed, upland area consisting of rolling to hummocky terrain rich in native wetlands and aspen dominated Boreal mixed wood forest habitat. This ‘knob and kettle’ topography supports a high diversity of vegetation, waterfowl, mammals and birds.

The area is a critical source of surface and ground water, and a large proportion of lands, both public and private, exist in their natural state.

The area includes Elk Island National Park, the five rural municipalities (Beaver, Camrose, Lamont, Leduc, & Strathcona) as well as several provincial parks and protected areas, such as the Ministik Bird Sanctuary, Blackfoot/Cooking Lake Recreational Area and Miquelon Lake Provincial Park. The Beaver Hills are situated immediately east of the City of Edmonton — the fastest growing metropolitan region of Canada.

Faced with increasing demands from all sectors of land uses, the Beaver Hills ecosystem is at risk of disappearing and requires special consideration for conservation.Learn more… http://www.beaverhills.ab.ca/uploads/files/ecoprimer.pdf